How To Check Hyderabad Online Traffic Challan Status - Website Link

If you drive regularly in Hyderabad city, you must have seen traffic constables standing in junctions with a notepad and a pen. What they are actually doing is noting down the registration numbers of those vehicles that are found to be violating the traffic rules. You may be forgiven if you’ve been found guilty for once, but eventually you’ll be seeing the penalty letter landing in your post box. Remember that all the violations by a registered vehicle will be safely saved in a database.

What are those rules actually?

While there are numerous rules in the Motor vehicle Act, I’ll list the most common rules, not following which the rider has to pay the fine.
  • Not using the Helmet for a 2 wheeler – Rs.100 fine
  • Not using the seat belt while driving a car
  • Driving without license, insurance, PUC certificate
  • Using a Fancy number plate
  • Triple riding in case of a 2 wheeler and
  • Over Speed and
  • Parking vehicles in No parking area on illegally on a public road.

e-challan status

It has to be remembered that the challan will be sent to the address of the vehicle owner only. So it doesn’t matter if it were you or some other person driving your vehicle on that day.

Fortunately, to determine who was driving the vehicle by narrowing down to the date and time of the offense, you have an online check up set up by the Hyderabad Police.

Just visit and enter your Vehicle registration number and you should see your name and offenses, if any, that were filed against your vehicle.

If you have any offenses against you, you should pay the fine which you will receive soon (If it wasn’t already sent) at any eseva centre. If you are geeky enough, you can also make the payment online at APOnline website.

Be safe…….Follow Traffic rules……Don’t jump the signal even if others do.


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